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Early to bed, early to rise, then catch big fish or tell big lies.

Fish Tales 1

In June 1984, twelve of us travelled from Tulibi Falls in four aluminium boats&motors, up the Bird (Oiseau) River system to our camp on the East end of Big Snowshoe Lake (MB/ON border) for a week of fishing. One of the guys (Rocky) decided to make it a "Snowshoe Lake Kiss-My-*$$" fishing tournament, with Pickerel (Walleye or whatever anyone wants to call them) being "goals", and anything else being "assists".

Midweek I was falling behind on the scoreboard (of course) when I decided I wanted to be dropped off to do some shore fishing/relax in the sun. I was using a weighted pickerel rig with minnows for bait. I was enjoying the scenery, sun, and quiet, when I noticed my rod tip wiggle slightly, then stop-I figured it was just some nibbles, so left the rig out where it was (I had it on a rod holder).

About two minutes later the tip was sharply jerked-I knew I had a hit-so I grabbed the rod and set the hook. After a short bit of playing, I reeled in and sure enough there was a nice "keeper" pickerel on. When I went to remove the hook I noticed a small tail sticking out of the mouth-apparently I had caught baby brother Pickerel, then big brother Pickerel decided to swallow him up! No way the other guys would believe me!

I cut the line, put it (them) on the stringer, and waited for the others to get back. When they did, I asked how their scores were, and said I only got two myself-then I showed them the "Fish Within The Fish"-the guys had to allow me two goals for that one!

I ended up with the "Snowshoe Lake Kiss-My-*$$ 1984 Tournament Worst Fisherman" award plaque, and a lot of excellent memories of our many Winter and Summer trips into "Snowshoe".

(Thanks Rocky, Pappie, Silver Fox, H.C., Vern and the rest of the guys for letting me-"the young lad"-be a part of the "G.S. Team")


Fish Tales 2

It was 6:00am in Trinidad and Tobago which is right above Venezuela on the map of the world. I went to a beach called Morne Diablo with my grandpa to fish. In my country they call snook, BOSHAY. We set up our rod and went to the beach we baited our hooks with chunks of sardine, walked into water waist height then cast our lines. 5 minutes later I got a bite I pulled my rod and hooked the fish, suddenly I saw my line going from side to side and I was being pulled further in. I tightened my drag and reeled up my line, as I was walking to shore. The fish came up on shore. It was massive it was 3 feet long and weighed 10 lbs/pounds. I was very delighted and jumped for joy.


Fish Tales 3

On Tuesday night (August 2009), my brother and I decided to go try and catch some channel cats in the Red River.

We arrived in Lockport, Manitoba around 9:00 pm. The sun was still high enough to find our way down to the water and find the spot we wanted to fish.

We put some Tiger Prawn Shrimps on our hooks for bait and casted them into the water.

About 30 minutes into the trip, I had a nibble on my line. 20 minutes later my brother got a bite on his line. After a 5 minute struggle, he landed a beautiful 30 inch Channel Catfish.

Nothing bit for another hour. Suddenly I saw my rod bend. I picked it up, and started to reel. It took me 10 minutes to tire the fish out, but it was a great fight. When I finally landed it, it turned out to be a fat Channel Catfish that was just over 34 inches. 34 inches is the requirement for a "Master Angler" award in Manitoba for a Channel Catfish.

-- Wade

Fish Tales 4

This is a true story about my luckiest day of fishing I have ever had.

Last summer (2006) I went to my grandma's house on Lake Winipesauke in New Hampshire. I forgot my fishing gear at home in Missouri, so I looked around the lake and found some line and a hook.

I then tied the line and hook to a stick, and found some worms to go fishing with. I caught about 25 perch (yes, 25!) in the first 10 minutes, and was determined to get something bigger. About 15 minutes into the day of fishing, I landed a nice 20" rainbow trout! I threw it back and put a small perch on my hook, looking for some big bass. A large school of bass came by a few minutes later and I managed to hook one on. I quickly re-baited and threw the hook back in to catch its mama. Literally 10 seconds later I landed a 5lb. largemouth bass, my largest fish ever! I threw the fish back and went for even more action. I put a large perch on the biggest hook I had, and threw out the little line I had found. About 5 minutes later, I was struggling with a monster! All of the tension of the massive northern pike was on the line (as I didn't have a rod) and I slowly eased it closer and closer, until the line snapped and the fish got away. I literally caught about 50 fish in one hour, and about 10 of them were well over keepers! It was the best day of fishing I have ever had.

The moral of the story is, if you forgot your tackle, improvise, because fishing with a stick is better than not fishing at all.

-- Ben Brown

Fish Tales 5

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