Keep Manitoba Beautiful...

Keep Manitoba beautiful and leave the wilderness the way you found it. Pick up all your belongings when you leave fishing or camping areas. This includes your garbage, and other garbage that may have been left by someone else. We must all do our part to keep nature natural.

Welcome To Manitoba

With over 100,000 lakes, Manitoba is a sportsman paradise. With such a vast area, Manitoba has an endless supply of great fishing. The license plate says "Friendly Manitoba", and when you come here, you'll see why.

Different Species Of Fish

You can catch so many different species of fish in Manitoba that you never know what will be on your line. Maybe a walleye (pickerel) or northern pike (jackfish). Perhaps a huge catfish or freshwater drum. Looking for pan fish like perch or crappie? With such a huge variety of fish to catch, the Manitoba government has created a special program that recognizes a person's achievement in catching a large fish of a given species. The Manitoba Master Angler Awards are given to all anglers who, in accordance with the rules and regulations, catch and record a fish over a specified length. The choice to go by length rather then weight helps the fish get back into the water sooner with less handling, which gives it a better chance for survival. With so many people practicing catch and release, and also the high management water ways where fish of a specific size must be released, the fish populations in Manitobas lakes and rivers is just amazing.

Where to go

Anywhere. Seriously, you can fish in almost any body of water and catch fish. In Winnipeg, take a ride to one of the many parks along the Red or Assiniboine rivers and throw your line in the water. You can even fish at The Forks Historical Site where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet. A pickerel rig with some night crawlers or minnows works great. Even a jig tipped with a plastic worm will usually produce results.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Take a ride out to Lockport, Manitoba (better known as the channel catfish capital of the world). Huge catfish are caught on everything from goldeye slabs to worms or minnows. Shrimp also works great. At Lockport you can also catch huge sturgeon, freshwater drums, and walleyes or saugers. The best place to go is north of the locks on the east side of the river. You can also check out the flood-way drain early in the season.

Take a ride up further north to Selkirk, Manitoba. Great fishing exists right off the dock near the bridge to East Selkirk. Or cruise through town and pick a spot along the river. The best multi-species spot I know of is just north of town below the bridge. Just keep cruising through Selkirk till you see it, park your car and start fishing.

You can also fish in the many parks that surround Winnipeg on all sides. You can find great fishing at the perimeter highway where it crosses the rivers. You can ride out to Reynolds Ponds just east of Winnipeg for some trout fishing or a little further east to Lions Lake. If you have some time to kill, drive a few hours away from the city to one of the 100,000 lakes and rivers that are scattered throughout this great province. Most offer great shore fishing locations right off the road.

When to go

When you have a half hour to kill is great time to go fishing. Realistically go when you have time. Early morning or late in the day are best. This doesn't mean it's the only time to go. Mid day with cloud cover can cause the fish to become active. A change in air pressure will usually make the fish start moving around as well. To better your chances, try early in the season (mid May) to early summer. The fish are actively feeding at this time of the year. All summer long they are biting, you just need to find out where they are. Late summer and early fall is another great time to head out. The fish are actively feeding at this time of the year as well.

Bait to use

Anything from night crawlers to minnows, shrimp to cut bait fish. Jigs or spoons. Use your imagination. My personal go to lure for walleye is a red and yellow "fire" pattern spoon from Pelican Lures. I've caught a 25 1/2 inch walleye on a piece of bacon, and my wife caught a 22 1/2 inch walleye on a piece of pork steak. Don't go home just because the bait you brought is gone. Just be sure what your using is safe for the environment, and legal for use in Manitoba (no barbed hooks).

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