Fly Fishing

Anyone looking for a relaxing pastime that requires little mental or physical effort will NOT find it in fly-fishing. The common conception of lazily perching oneself on the edge of a river or lake with the line bobbing on the water's surface waiting for that tug bears no resemblance to fly-fishing whatsoever.

fly-fishing is much more than a pastime or hobby. It is at the same time a sport,a science, and an art.It is completely absorbing and demands concentration of your whole being. It differs from other kinds if fishing in that the angler has to operate his tackle to present the quarry with an artificial offering that is very edible. At other times the fly is used to tempt a fish that is not interested in food but rather strikes out of territorial anger.

Other differences are that fly-fishing tends to be less messy in that there is no bait to handle. Worms are, as my granddaughter emphatically states, yukky. Fly-fishers are also much more mobile as they tend to carry less equipment and tackle.


fly-fishing often necessitates a scientific approach as there may be many factors that can determine what prompts a fish to accept your offerings. One has to consider what they are most likely feeding on, what depth they are holding as well as factors such as water temperature. We must also take into account what colour or combination of colours of fly may irritate them to strike.


The special tackle used in fly-fishing allows the casting of a lightweight artificial fly with near pinpoint accuracy and sometimes over significant distances. Basically it consists of a weighted fly-line and a long flexible fly-rod that propels the combination in an action similar to a bull-whip. A fish hooked on this light tackle will generally give a better account of itself than one hooked on heavier gear. The playing of the fish can be as exhilarating and exciting as the actual strike and as a result, fly-fishing demands absolute concentration.

The pleasures found in fly-fishing may be expanded in other ways. The angler can bring the sport indoors during the off season, by tying the flies he will be using when spring rolls around. Flytying is an art to itself and can be rewarding both while tying as well as when fishing. An angler can also take on the task of building other gear such as the rod(s) that he will use as well as various tools and gadgets. One can spend endless hours at these crafts all the while contemplating times at the water.


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