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This web site is dedicated to those of us that love fishing, but either can't afford, or don't have access to, a boat. This leaves us driving up to a body of water (lake, river, pond, stream, etc.) and we try our best to catch those nice fish we hear all the stories about, right from shore. Don't think you need to be talented to try shore fishing, just patient. While shore fishing can be frustrating at times when the fish aren't biting, at least you have a better chance of catching a fish when you have a line in the water then the person driving by on the road.

Why This Web Site?

Have you ever tried to find real, practical information on shore fishing on the internet?

If you've ever wondered these, or other questions about shore fishing, this site is for you.

It's Been Said...

"A successful shore fisherman will forget more then a boat fisherman will learn in a lifetime."

Why? Probably because from a boat, you can drive around and look at your fish finder or underwater camera. You can move from spot to spot with ease. You can cover a larger area in a shorter time. Where as from shore, you read the layout of the land (and the water), and try to determine where the fish are, and how to trigger them to strike. You read the water current patterns to determine where the fish may be hanging out. If most of the fish move, you're usually stuck where you are, trying to figure out how to make the remaining fish bite. It doesn't mean a shore fisherman knows more then a boat fisherman, just a lot of different things, some that will work and some that won't. That's where the "forgetting more" comes into play.

If you get the opportunity to go out in a boat, take it. You can learn a lot from someone in a boat. The experience is very enjoyable. If you get a chance to try vertical jigging from a boat, great, this will be extremely useful when you go ice fishing. Trolling from a boat will also help you with hook sets and teach you how to tell the difference between a bite and the drag of a hook.

Shore fishing requires you to learn many different techniques in a short period of time if you wish to be successful. You learn to cast in different ways, depending on who or what's around you. You need to learn the proper techniques for hook sets. Some days you'll want to pull back as hard as you can, and other days you'll want to let the fish set the hook as it tries to take your bait or lure. It all depends on how the fish are feeding, and you have to figure out which one works best on that day. No one person knows all the answers. A pro may know what works most of the time, but a local angler who shore fishes daily successfully, will know what works best on his body of water. So don't think you know it all, we sure don't. All we are trying to do is give basic and general information for people to learn to shore fish who don't have someone to show them. And we are willing to listen to any relevant comment or advice that we receive.